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From Hotel Jacobeo, in main Camino de Santiago, you will enjoy Burgos Cathedral, The Cartuja de Santa María de Miraflores and the Monasterio de Santa María la Real de las Huelgas:

Burgos Cathedral:

The first stone of the temple was laid in 1221 by King San Fernando and Bishop Don Mauricio, solemnly dedicating including Maestro Enrique, Juan Perez, Pedro Sanchez, Juan, Simón and Francisco de Colonia and Juan de Vallejo Gil and sculptors Diego of Siloam, the painter Alonso de Sedano and Flemish master glassmaker Arnao. The exterior is notable for the harmonious whole of its lines. The main front has three gables on that open so many doors, flanked the sides by slender towers topped with steeples or needles characteristic raised in the mid-fifteenth century by Juan de Colonia, ainstancias of Bishop Alonso de Cartagena, which, with the turrets of the Chapel of the Constable and the lantern of the Cruise, form a set of beautiful proportions. At the ends of the transept are the magnificent Gothic facades of Sarmental and Coroneria or Apostles. Once inside, the chapel of the Constables, built in the late fifteenth century by Simon de Cologne for the Constable of Castile, Don Pedro Fernandez de Velasco, the Capilla del Santo Cristo de Burgos, the Chapel of the Presentation Chapel the Visitation, the Chapel of Santiago and San Juan, exhibiting valuable pieces of the Cathedral Museum, Santa Ana or the Conception, built by Bishop Don Luis de Acuna, and Santa Tecla, profusely decorated with the splendours of the late Baroque. La Escalera Dorada is a masterpiece unparalleled in the world art by Diego of Siloam in the early sixteenth century. Under the delicate lantern Cruise, built in the sixteenth century by Juan de Vallejo, rest in a simple grave Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, the Cid, and his wife Jimena.

Hours / Availability:

Open seven days a week from Monday to Sunday open continuously from 19 March to 31 October: from 09.30h to 7:30 p.m. (ticket office until 6:30 p.m.) from 1 November to 18 March: from 10.00am to 7:00 p.m. (ticket office until 6:00 p.m.)


The Cartuja de Santa María de Miraflores:

Magnificent monastery and Royal Pantheon which houses the works of Siloam Gil summits. The monastery was built by King Henry III. Years later, Isabel the Catholic church engrandecería in choosing the place for the tomb of his parents, Don Juan II of Castile and Isabella of Portugal. The works were carried out in the second half of the fifteenth century under the direction of teacher John and Simon of Cologne. In 1484 the church was finished and ending a century of Siloam Gil completed the interior work with the construction of the main altar and the tombs of the Kings and the Infante Don Alfonso. The monastery contains other works of interest: the Gothic choir stalls parents, siblings Renaissance choir, executed in the sixteenth century by Simon de Bueras, and the statue of San Bruno, realistic work of Manuel Pereira. De Pedro is the extraordinary Berruguete Annunciation table next to the altar.

Visit Observations:

Open daily: 3:00 p.m. 10.15ha mornings, afternoons 16.00 to 18.00; Holidays 11:20 to 12:30, 13:00-15:00, 16:00 to 18:00. Masses: Weekdays 9:00, 7:30 and 10:15 holidays

Monasterio de Santa María la Real de las Huelgas:

Architectural beauty of the monastery is evident in the church, the Cistercian style, Chapter House and Cloister of San Fernando, now profoundly altered. In the center of the nave are the tombs of the kings founders, townhouses and beautifully multicolored with the arms of Castile and Plantagenet Family. In the cloister, still shines last Castilian Romanesque art in the transition to Gothic. Of special interest are also the chapels of Santiago, Moorish taste and that of the Assumption, a work of pure art Almohad. Of great interest is the Museum of rich fabrics.

Visit Observations:

Closed: Monday and 1 and 6 January, Good Friday, 1 May. Curpillos, 29 June and 25 December. Wednesday free for members of the European Community. Agencies with credential: 4 €

Hours / Availability:

Open Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00am to 1:00 p.m.; later: 15.45ha 5:30 p.m., Sunday and holidays: 10.30am to 2:00 p.m. Monday: Closed



Ojeda House

One of the most famous restaurants in Burgos, Burgos for their traditional food, and even more excellent roast lamb.
Vitoria street, 5 - Plaza del Cordón 09004 Burgos
Tel: 947 20 90 52

Meson del Cid

Restaurant Mesón del Cid, located in a house-XV century palace, where he was the German Fadrique printing, Gutenberg's disciple, one of the first in Spain and which was printed the first edition of the Celestina in 1499, offers an extraordinary selection of traditional Castilian dishes.
Santa María Square, 8
Front Facade of the Cathedral
BURGOS (09 003)
Tel: 947 20 87 15

Goodnight Burgos

If you just want a romantic night in Burgos, this is your restaurant. His fusion food and excellent views of the Cathedral make it the perfect dinner the night Burgos.
Castillo Mirador, 09003 Burgos
Tel: 947 266 259


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